Camden Gin

The bespoke has spoken

Project Information

This site was designed by Inkwell Design Co.

Camden Gin House is a fictional gin bar. This site exists for portfolio purposes only. The following project brief came from Briefbox, a site where designers can turn to enrich their portfolio and sharpen their skills.

‘Camden Gin’ based in London, produce and supply their own range of mixers and cocktail ingredients, specializing in bespoke varieties of gin. Originally formed as a small drinks company, they are now looking to branch out to their first real premises, in the form of a cocktail bar, offering drinks and light bites. They are looking to attract a younger crowd to their brand and to add an additional source of income for their business.

At the moment, ‘Camden Gin’ have a basic site which solely promotes their product range. They would like to commission you to come up with an exciting new site that can attract new customers to their brand and help spread the word about the new venture.

The updated website should include a homepage, our story page and food and drinks page. The homepage should also showcase the interiors of the bar and some copy to build excitement surrounding the new venture. Take inspiration from current, independent, creative cocktail bars and exciting drinks brands that you like. Remember, that the client is looking to attract new customers and so keep the information, nice, clear and concise for the viewer. You can use stock imagery for the time being to show the client the sort of photography that would work for the site.


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